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Please Note: You MUST make a reservation for all classes. Also, due to popularity of certain classes, we do enforce a 24 hour cancellation policy for all classes. Thank you!


This class is what it sounds like, it will work your Abs and Glutes! Abs-o-Glutely is an Express 45 Pilates-Inspired workout targeted to lift and tone your booty, body, and of course create those chiseled abs we all all desire! This class is open to all fitness levels.


Participants will go through drills and exercises designed to raise the heartrate while burning calories and melting inches.  This cardio packed class targets sculpting your arms, back, legs, and core. Open to all levels.

Mat Pilates


Mat Pilates is traditional Pilates where participants focus on breathing, mind body awarenes, abdominal control, flexibility, agility, and much more.  The class will use basic Pilates equipment including Stability Balls, weights, Pilates rings, and foam rollers. This class is open to all fitness levels.




This class blends the toning and core-sculpting ideas of Pilates with the flexibility and stretching of Yoga. Participants will focus on breathing, mind body awareness, abdominal control, flexibility, agility, and much more. This class is open to all fitness levels.


SKY Barre



SKY Barre incorporates the use the aerial silks in order  to sculpt and tone the body sing ballet-inspired and pilates technique.SKY Barre maximizes the use of the core and stabilizers. This class has minimal to no inversions. This class is open to all fitness levels.


SKY Fusion


SKY Zen is a seamless fusion of Aerial Arts Aerial Yoga. Participants smoothly transition through poses on the silks, inversions, drops, and more.  Participants must successfully complete a "Beginner To SKY Class" before coming.


SKY Pilates


SKY Pilates uses Aerial Silk Hammocks to add a new element to your Pilates training. The aerial silks provides both assistance and resistance to your Pilates workout. This class is opened to all fitness levels. 




During the Learn To Fly Series, you will spend 6 weeks breaking down different Aerial Series, poses, and high mounts. Participants will learn aerial tricks, drops, inversions, and much more! The total cost is only $99 (that's only 16.60session!) and not included with membership.

*Must Complete atleast ONE Level 1 series before entering Level 2.



Membership is the best way to stay connected to SKY Pilates Fitness. If you come to classes atleast 2x a week, membership is the most cost effective route to go.  We offer multiple membership packages dependant on your budget and class desires.


SKY Gold $49/Month


For just $49/month you can become a member at the SKY Pilates Fitness studio.  With the SKY Gold Package, you receive UNLIMITED access to all of our basic classes including traditional Mat Pilates, Pilates Barre Fusion, and MORE!!!  You will also receive 50% off our SKY classes. 


SKY Diamond $89/Month *Most Popular*


With the SKY Diamond Package, you receive UNLIMITED access to all classes. All of our classes including Aerial Fitness, Mat Pilates, Barre Classes, Zumba, Piloxing, and more will be yours for only $89/per month!  You also receive 1 Free VIP Guest Pass per month and 10% off merchandise.  


SKY Fly $69/Month


Our SKY Fly Membership is ideal for the aerial enthusiast! With this membership, for only $69/month you have access to all of our SKY Classes including SKY Zen, SKY Barre, and More.  You aren't just limited to the SKY though, you get into our Basic (grounded) classes for half the price!

SKY Platinum $150/Month


The SKY Platinum Card Permits access to all classes for an entire year!  This Package is ideal for clienets who are interested in Private Sessions and Personal training as well as attending classes. Additional perks, including free private lessons, UNLIMITED guest passes and merchandise discount, can be found on our About Studio page under Policies.


Class Packages:

If you are not yet ready to commit to a monthly membership, we do have Class Packages available.  Our packages are broken into Basic and SKY Packages.  In our Basic Package, you have access to all of our classes EXCLUDING SKY Classes.  With the SKY Package, you have access to ALL of our classes including our SKY Classes.  To get a better understanding of our Packages, FAQ's, and more click on our more tab to get redirected to our SKY Policies page.


Single Session


  • Single Session for Basic classes (excludes SKY classes): $15/class
  • Single Session for SKY Classes: $25/class

Basic Packages


The Basic Group Class Packages give access to all classes (excluding SKY classes).
  • Just Gettin' started: 5 Sessions $70

  • Gimme More: 10 sessions $130

  • I'm Hooked: 20 sessions $230

SKY Packages


In the SKY Packages, clients have access to ALL classes.


  • Just Gettin' Started: 5 sessions $115

  • Gimme More: 10 Sessions $220

  • I'm Hooked: 20 Sessions $400

Semi-Private & Private Lessons:

Semi-Private Lessons



  • Semi-Private lessons for classesexcluding SKY classes: $35 per person/hour
  • Semi Private lessons for SKY Classes: $45 per person/hour

Single Private Sessions


Private lessons are available upon request and only accomodate for one participant.


  • Private Lessons for classesexcluding SKY Classes: $60 an hour

  • Private Lessons for SKY Classes: $75 an hour.

Semi-Private Packages


Basic Lessons (excluding SKY Lessons):

  • 3 Sessions: $32 person/hour
  • 5 Sessions: $29 person/hour
  • 10 Sessions: $25 person/hour


SKY Lessons: 

  • 3 Sessions: $42 per person/hour

  • 5 Sessions: $39 per person/hour

  • 10 Sessions:$35 per person/hour

Private Session Packages


Lessons excluding SKY classes:
  • 3 Sessions: $165 ($55/session)
  • 5 Sessions: $250 ($50/session)

  • 10 Sessions: $450 ($45/session)

Lessons for SKY training: 

  • 3 Sessions: $210 ($70/session)

  • 5 Sessions: $325 ($65/session)

  • 10 Sessions:$600 ($60/session)

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