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SKY Ultimate  Party Bash


During the SKY Ultimate Party, you and your family/friends will receive 1.5 hours in the silk and we also provide light refreshments and beverages! This is ideal for a large party that wants the ultimate SKY experience (i.e birthday party, bachelerotte party, girl's night out, etc.)


Cost: $350 (That's only $38.89 for a party of 9!)


A SKY Deluxe Party takes a Mini-Party up a notch.  During this party, you and your guests have 1.5 hours for an Aerial Lesson.  This Party is ideal for a larger group of girls who wants to really take time in learning their Aerial Routine and/or brushing up on their Aerial Fitness skills.


Cost: $250 (That's only $27.78 for a party of 9!)


SKY Deluxe Party

During a SKY Mini-Party, we can accomodate up to 9 guests.  The party receives 1 hour of an Aerial Lesson. This is ideal for a smaller group of girls who just wants to freshen up their Aerial Fitness skills or just play around the silks.


Cost: $200 (That's only $22.22 for a party of 9!)


SKY Mini Party

*Please note that parties must be reserved either over the phone or in person.  There is a required $50 deposit that is taken out of the final payment.  Give us a call if you have more questions 757-967-0822


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